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Map Notes

"Map Notes" is your ultimate companion for personalized mapping and travel planning. With its intuitive interface and powerful features, Map Notes allows you to effortlessly mark your favorite spots, plan your adventures, and customize your maps like never before.


1. Draw Directly on the Map: 

Let your creativity flow as you draw directly onto the map. Whether it's highlighting a hiking trail, sketching out a scenic route, or simply doodling landmarks, Map Notes gives you the freedom to express yourself visually.


2. Create Pins with Custom Icons: 

Make your map truly your own by creating pins with custom icons. Whether it's a favourite restaurant, a hidden gem, or a must-see attraction, personalise your pins to reflect your unique interests and preferences.


3. Calculate Directions and Customise Colours: 

Seamlessly plan your journeys with Map Notes' direction calculation feature. Simply pick up your starting and ending locations, and let the app generate the optimal route for you. Plus, you can customise the colour of your directions to enhance visibility.


4. Save Annotations as Part of the Map: 

Your annotations aren't just temporary markings – they become integral parts of your map. Watch as your drawings, pins, and directions seamlessly rotate, scale, and move along with the map, ensuring that your personalised annotations are always in sync with your location.


5. Attach Tags, Information, and Photos:

Add depth and context to your annotations by attaching tags, information, and photos. Whether it's adding notes about opening hours, descriptions of landmarks, or snapshots of memorable moments, Map Notes lets you enrich your map with meaningful details.


6. Sync Across Devices with iCloud: 

Your work is automatically saved to your iCloud account, ensuring seamless syncing across all your devices. Whether you're using your iPhone, iPad, access your maps and annotations anytime, anywhere, with the convenience of iCloud syncing.


Map Notes is the perfect companion for anyone looking to mark their personal preferences on the map or plan their travels with precision.


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