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Veg & Fruit


Learning to spell has never been so much fun! With 3 great games in one package, you and your child will have lots of fun together learning to spell and recognise fruits and vegetables!

Veg & Fruit is a way to get your child ready for school, while having lots of fun! Specially designed for pre-school children, and with our children in mind, we believe these games can help teach literacy at a young age, by making learning fun.

Based around the proven teaching technique of flash cards, and then consolidating what is learned by playing our 3 exciting mini games to exercise their new vocabulary, Veg & Fruit is a great way to get kids started on the path to literacy.

With 37 Veg & Fruit to learn and 3 great mini games to keep them entertained in the free game, it’s a great start to a varied vocabulary.

To expand your childrens’ vocabulary further, the full version of Veg & Fruit contains 37 fun and interesting fruits to add variety when teaching letters and spelling, not to mention learning the names of many household and exotic fruits and vegetables!

With more fruit and veg on its way, your child won’t get bored with this educational app.

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