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**No Adverts!**

Create a scrapbook for your memories with myScrapbook. It is simple to use, and you can export your work in different resolutions for sharing or keeping forever. 


Here are it's features:

- 16 drawing and editing tools, including free hand drawing.

- Custom pen colour, size and opacity.

- 4 pen styles.

- Eyedropper to select a colour by tapping the screen.

- Move drawn objects towards the front or back of the drawing.

- Group and ungroup objects to move them together.

- Move, scale or delete selected objects or groups.

- shadow or glow effect on selected object.

- lock, unlock, reset canvas.

- lock/unlock selection.

- Add your own photos or pictures from the library to the background.

- Add as many of your own photos to the foreground as you want.

- Rotate and crop photos.

- Undo/Redo.

- Stickers and background library.

- Export different resolutions to share with friends & family.

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